Index Composite Stocks
Index Composite Stocks

Index Composite Stocks lets you check performances of composite stocks of major indexes from 5 markets including Hong Kong and U.S.


  • Cover 5 major stock markets, including:

    • Hong Kong (Hang Seng Index; HS China Enteprises; HS China-Aff Corporation; HS Composite LargeCap / MidCap / SmallCap)
    • U.S. (S&P 500)
    • Japan (Nikkei 225; Nikkei 500)
    • Taiwan (FTSE TWSE Taiwan 50 Index; FTSE TWSE Taiwan Mid-Cap Index; FTSE TWSE Taiwan Infotech Index)
    • Australia (ASX All Ordinaries Index)
  • Sorting of composite stocks

    • You can sort the composites by their price performance, average volume, company name, etc.
  • Screen composite stocks by industry

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